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Ultimate Snack Box
Ultimate Snack Box
Ultimate Snack Box

Ultimate Snack Box

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A box of eight, delicious healthy snacks.


1 - Sweet Crunchy Nut Mix - 100 grams

A lip-smacking combination of Premium Californian Almonds, Turkish Dried Dates & fresh coconuts.

2 - Better Trail Mix - 100 grams

A delicious combination of premium nuts, seeds & raisins. Roasted & seasoned with our secret spice mix.

3 - Better Laddoos - Vanilla & Cacao - Pack of 7

Dense flavours of natural cacao, paired with a crunch from the nuts. Mild hints of vanilla to leave a pleasant aftertaste.

4 - Better Laddoos - Hazelnut & Chocolate - Pack of 7

Roasted hazelnuts combine seamlessly with the with the rich sweetness of cacao and dates.

5 - Better Laddoos - Orange & Ginger - Pack of 7

Bright, zesty, and slightly spicy taste that blends the sweet and tangy flavors of orange and ginger into a delicious, chewy dessert

6 - Better Laddoos - Coffee & Almond - Pack of 7

Energy bar meets coffee in a delicious healthy laddoo.

7 - Seed Mix - Spiced Jaggery - 100 grams

Five super seeds roasted with Jaggery & Indian spices.

8 - Premium Nut Mix - 100 grams

Gourmet nuts & royal raisins, roasted with organic Indian spices.

Total eight packets.

✅ Good for kids
✅ High Protein
✅ A healthy replacement for chocolates and sweets 🍫🍪
✅ No added sugar

🌴 100% Natural, Vegan and Gluten Free

🧂 No artificial flavours or Preservatives

The laddoos are 100% natural and they release natural nut oil over time. This is normal and proof that it is 100% natural.

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How are we different?

All our snacks are handmade by a small team of around 52 women using the best ingredients.

Unlike most packaged food which is made in a large factory, using machines & chemicals.

When you buy an Eat Better Co snack you know that you are getting the best for yourself and your family.

This is why over 25,000 families love our products.

We exist to make snacks that are

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